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This Day in Georgia History

April 29, 1913

Mary Phagan Funeral

To view an image of Mary Phagan, see the Digital Library of Georgia.

During the funeral of 13-year-old Mary Phagan’, her mother was overcome with grief several times. Meanwhile, as the investigation proceeded, most of the suspicion continued to fall on Newt Lee, though plant supervisor Leo Frank was brought in again for more detailed questioning. After his interrogation, Frank questioned Lee himself. Police had found a bloody shirt in Lee’s home, but he claimed it was his own blood from an injury. The reward for information leading to the conviction of the murderer was raised to $2200 - $1000 from the Atlanta Constitution, $1000 from the city of Atlanta, and $200 from the state. One of the detectives released the following statement: “We have sufficient evidence to convict the murderers of Mary Phagan. More arrests will be made before daybreak. The mystery is cleared.” However, no names were mentioned. As it turned out, Leo Frank was arrested as a material witness.