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This Day in Georgia History

April 25, 2009

Zinkhan Shootings

University of Georgia professor George Zinkhan shot and killed three people, including his wife, at a gathering at a local theater in Athens. The couple had argued earlier and one of the victims, Ben Teague, tried to intervene. Zinkhan left the gathering, returned with two handguns, and killed Teague, former UGA research analyst Tom Tanner, and his wife Marie Bruce. He then left in a jeep with his children, dropped them off with a neighbor, and disappeared. His jeep was found abandoned in a ravine near his home five days later, but no other sign of Zinkhan himself was found. Police, including the FBI, instituted a nationwide manhunt for Zinkhan. His body was discovered two weeks later in the wooded area near where his jeep was found; he had concealed himself in a hole, then committed suicide.