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This Day in Georgia History

April 14, 1856

Lamartine Griffin Hardman Born

Georgia politician Lamartine Griffin Hardman was born in Harmony Grove (now Commerce), Georgia. Hardman began his career in the field of medicine, where he was innovative in further developing the field of anesthesiology begun by fellow Georgia Crawford Long. Hardman was also a very successful businessman, owning cotton and roller mills, a bank, a drug company, and founding the Commerce Telephone Company. Hardman was first elected to the Georgia legislature in 1902, serving in both the House and Senate over the next ten years. In the General Assembly, he primarily sponsored agricultural legislation, though he also introduced a bill to create a state board of health and wrote Georgia’s prohibition statute. Hardman next served as Georgia’s fuel administrator during World War I and directed the Georgia Experiment Station in Griffin. In 1926, after two unsuccessful attempts, Hardman was elected governor. He won re-election despite being seventy-six years old and in ill health. His terms as governor were noted primarily for promoting businesslike efficiency in government, best evidenced by the Allen Commission on Simplification and Coordination, headed by Ivan Allen, Sr. Hardman died in Atlanta in 1937 of heart disease.