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This Day in Georgia History

March 23, 1734

Oglethorpe Left Savannah with Yamacraws

James Oglethorpe sailed from Savannah aboard the man-of-war Aldborough for Charleston, where he would catch another ship for London. His return to England was prompted by the desire of other Trustees to have him report more completely on the state of affairs in the colony. In particular, they were concerned with Oglethorpe’s lack of communication and what was perceived as excessive expenditures. In a bit of showmanship, Oglethorpe decided to bring a contingent of Yamacraw Indians with him. So aboard the Aldborough with Oglethorpe were chief Tomochichi, Senauki (Tomochichi’s wife), Toonahowi (Tomochichi’s great nephew and successor), five Yamacraw warriors, and John Musgrove (who would interpret). The voyage to Charleston took a week, after which they waited until May 7 to catch a ship to London.