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This Day in Georgia History

March 09, 1956

Second Series of Massive Resistance Legislation

Gov. Marvin Griffin signed a second series of bills and resolutions that were part of his “massive resistance” package of legislation at the 1956 session of the General Assembly. Griffin was angry over the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1954 and 1955 decisions in the case of Brown v. Board of Education and was determined that integration would not take place in Georgia’s public schools. Measures that he signed on this day included:

H.R. 185, an Interposition Resolution, which declared that “decisions and orders of the Supreme Court of the United States relating to separation of the races in the public institutions of a State as announced and promulgated by said court on May 17, 1954, and May 31, 1955, are null, void and of no force or effect.”
H.B. 267, which provided that all common carriers of passengers for intrastate travel provide a separate waiting room for white passengers, to be labeled “White Waiting Room, Intrastate Passengers.” The act further provided that for all other passengers traveling in intrastate or interstate travel, a separate waiting room be provided, to be labeled “Waiting Room, Interstate Passengers and Colored Intrastate Passengers.”
S.B. 152, which authorized the Department of Public Safety to allow members of the State Patrol to make arrests and otherwise enforce Georgia’s segregation laws when requested by a citizen or official of any city or county.
H.B. 243, the general appropriation act for FY 1957, which included provisions in the appropriations to the State Department of Education and the State Board of Regents requiring that state appropriations could only be made to segregated schools and colleges in Georgia.