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This Day in Georgia History

February 27, 1734

Gordon Presented Savannah Drawing to Trustees

Georgia magistrate Peter Gordon, who had returned to London for surgery, appeared before the Trustees to report on the status of the colony. He brought a plat of Savannah, which the Trustees took and had a sketch done, which in turn was used to create the famous “View of Savannah” engraving. Gordon gave an enthusiastic report on the status of Georgia, reporting that as of Nov. 1733 (when he left to return to England):

“That there were about 500 Souls, and of them 100 fighting Men. That 40 houses were already built of Timber & Clap board, with Shingled roofs, but Mr. Oglethorp [sic] Still lay in his Tent. That the town was intended to consist of 6 Wards, each Ward containing 4 Tythings, and each Tything 10 houses, so that the whole number of houses & Lots would be 240. That there is a battery of 12 guns on the River and over them a Guard Room, besides which 2 block houses at the Angles of the town had each 4 guns. That a Town house is erected where Mr. Quincy perform’d divine Service… . That the people were orderly and healthy when he came away, and Mr. Oglethorp indefatigable in carrying on the affairs of the Province, conducting the building the Town, Keeping peace, laying out land, Supplying the Stores with provision, encouraging the faint hearted &c.”