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This Day in Georgia History

February 07, 1733

Crane on Yamacraw Bluff Completed

On the final day of the Georgia colonists’ first week at Yamacraw Bluff, work on a crane at river’s edge was completed. This had been an essential project, as the bluff stood forty feet above the river and colonists needed a way of lifting the heavier supplies as well as cattle and pigs from boats. James Oglethorpe then divided the colonists into three work crews. One was assigned to cutting down pine trees so a town could be laid out. A second group was responsible for creating a communal garden by clearing out tree stumps and preparing the land for planting seeds. The third crew began digging a trench in order to erect a wooden palisade around the settlement to protect the colonists against Spanish or Indian attack. Workers on the palisade apparently were soon reassigned to other projects – probably building houses – for in the famous 1734 engraving “View of Savannah,” only a small section of completed palisade is shown.