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This Day in Georgia History

January 22, 1861

Statement of Protest to Ordinance of Secession

Six delegates to Georgia’s secession convention signed the following statement of protest to the Ordinance of Secession:

“We, the undersigned, Delegates to the Convention of the State of Georgia, now in Session, whilst we most solemnly Protest against the action of the majority in adopting an Ordinance for the immediate and separate Secession of this State, and would have preferred the policy of co-operation with our southern sister States, – yet, as good citizens, we yield to the will of a majority of her people, as expressed by their Representatives; and we hereby pledge ‘our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor’ to the defence of Georgia, if necessary, against hostile invasion from any source whatever.”

Signers of the protest were both delegates of Gwinnett County (James P. Simmons and Thomas M McRae), both delegates of Montgomery County (S.H. Lattimer and Davis Welchel), P.M. Byrd of Hall County, and James Simmons of Pickens County.