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This Day in Georgia History

January 12, 1775

St. Andrews Parish Resolutions

Residents of St. Andrew Parish (which included Darien) met in convention and adopted six resolutions. The first resolution expressed their approval of “the unparalleled moderation, the decent, but firm and manly, conduct of the loyal and brave people of Boston and Massachusetts Bay, to preserve their liberty.” The next three of the resolutions were directed against British colonial policies. The fifth resolution expressed “our disapprobation and abhorrence of the unnatural practice of slavery in America” and further urged “the manumission of our slaves in this colony, upon the most safe and equitable footing for the masters and themselves.” The final resolution named delegates to an upcoming provincial congress in Georgia and instructed those delegates to urge that congress appoint delegates to the Continental Congress scheduled to meet in Philadelphia in May.

St. Andrews Parish Resolutions View large image
Source: Original Map Marion R. Hemperly/Edited by Ed Jackson