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This Day in Georgia History

January 09, 1805

Noble Wymberly Jones Died

Politician and doctor Noble Wimberly Jones died in Savannah. Born in England around 1723, he and his family were among the original Georgia colonists who arrived with James Oglethorpe in 1733. At age 16, Jones became a cadet and subsequently an officer in Oglethorpe’s military force. By the late 1740s, he had learned the practice of medicine from his father and partly from his own experiences. In 1755, after Georgia became a royal colony, Jones was elected to the Commons House of Assembly, where he was elected speaker (1768-69). Soon, however, Jones became part of the Whig movement, and by 1774 was an active patriot. During the American Revolution, Jones was captured by the British and imprisoned at St. Augustine. After the war, Jones moved to Charleston, but in 1788 returned to Savannah. Here, he practiced medicine the rest of his life, getting involved with politics one more time to preside over Georgia’s 1795 constitutional convention. As a measure of his reputation as a doctor, Jones was elected first president of the Georgia Medical Society in 1804.