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This Day in Georgia History

January 07, 1755

Royal Colony Seal

After the Trustees gave up their charter in 1752, Georgia began a two-year transition to the status of royal colony. During this time, a new seal was adopted for the colony which showed King George II extending his hand to a kneeling allegorical female figure offering a skein of silk to the king, with a sailing ship in the background. The symbolism of the seal was that the British government expected the royal colony of Georgia to be an important source of silk and other good and resources needed by Great Britain. On Mar. 5, 1754, the British Board of Trade proposed a new form of government for Georgia – one that included a royal governor and the colony’s first real legislative body. On Jan. 7, 1755, Georgia’s new General Assembly met for the first time – in Savannah. The lower chamber, known as the Commons House of Assembly, consisted of elected representatives. The upper chamber, known as the Upper House of Assembly, consisted of 12 members appointed by the royal governor plus 2 additional members named by the king. These 14 members also served an executive role as a Governor’s Council – advising the royal governor on the administration of government.