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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

December 25, 1861

Civil War Christmas Different

The Daily Constitutionalist of Augusta printed an editorial on how different this Christmas was from those in the past.

Christmas. The extraordinary events of the last twelve months give unwonted themes for thought, and fill the hearts of our people with strange emotions on the recurrence of this festal day. Christmas comes not now to us arrayed in gayest colors, light hearted and joyous, and attended with songs and revelry. It comes with its mingled associations of mirth and of sorrow, to find our people earnest and thoughtful-at the same time buoyant and hopeful-less inclined to gleeful frolics and merry-makings, yet looking cheerfully and confidently to a smiling future of sunshine and happiness, and cloudless prosperity. Since last Christmas, a great revolution in our political destinies has taken place. An old and rotten Government, which was about to become an engine of oppression and degradation to the South, has been thrown off with a disdainful and heroic spirit becoming a free and proud people, and in its stead has been erected a Confederacy of States, homogeneous in tastes, and habits, and interests, and thoroughly adapted to secure to its citizens all the rights and immunities for which the American revolution was successfully fought, and of which Abolition hate, and Yankee greed would deprive us. This second war for independence is now being waged by the Southern people with a devoted heroism, which eclipses the brightest deeds of the first, and with a steadiness of purpose, a spirit of sacrifice, a lavish patriotism, an enthusiasm of heart, and hand, and will, pervading all classes and ages, which give the most perfect assurance of a triumphant result. …