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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

December 24, 1860

Secession Resolutions Passed, then Rescinded

The Richmond Times Dispatch printed “secession resolutions” which had been passed, then resinded by the Georgia General Assembly.

The Georgia Secession resolutions. The following are the resolutions passed by the Georgia Legislature by a vote of ayes 101, nays 27, and subsequently, under the influence of the popular feeling against separate State secession, rescinded by a vote of ayes 50, nays 47: Resolved by the General Assembly of Georgia, That in the indecent of this General Assembly, any State in this Union has the sovereign right to secede from the Union whenever she deems it necessary and for her safety, honor or happiness, and that when a State exercises this right of secession, the Federal Government has no right to coerce or make war upon her, because of the exercise of such right to secede; and should any Southern State secede from the American Union, and the Federal Government make war upon her therefore, Georgia will give to the seceding Southern State the aid encouragement and assistance of her entire people. And should the State of Georgia secede from the Union by the action of the Convention of her people on the 16th of January next, she asks the like sympathy and assistance from her Southern sisters which she hereby offers to them.