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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

December 16, 1861

Manufacture of Salt Encouraged

The Georgia General Assembly passed an Act encouraging the manufacture of salt, in short supply because of the blockade.

Full Title: An Act to encourage the manufacture of Salt within the limits of the State of Georgia, and for other purposes. WHEREAS, The supply of salt, in consequence of the blockade of the ports of this State, is exceedingly limited, and much inconvenience must result to the people unless measures are afforded to manufacturers of said article. [Sidenote: Preamble.] 1. SEC. I. Be it enacted, That his Excellency the Governor of this State, be and he is hereby authorized to draw his warrant upon the Treasury of this State, for the sum of fifty thousand dollars; which said sum, in his discretion, shall be advanced without interest, to any Company or Corporation, which has been or may hereafter be established in this State for the manufacture of salt: the advance so made to be secured to the State by mortgage, or otherwise, and to be refunded to the Treasury aforesaid, at such time or times, as may be designated by the said Governor, after peace shall have been restored between the United States and Confederate States of America. [Sidenote: $50,000 appropriated to encourage the manufacture of Salt.] 2. SEC. II. Be it further enacted, That the Governor is hereby authorized to draw his warrant, or several warrants, upon the Treasury of Georgia, in favor of such persons or Corporations as may be engaged, or may hereafter engage in the manufacture of salt, not to exceed in all the sum of fifty thousand dollars; and the Governor may draw for any part of said sum, in favor of any responsible parties or corporations, in sums as may be, in each case, agreed upon; Provided, that in each case, before the same shall be drawn from the Treasury, good and sufficient security shall be given by the party or corporation in whose favor it shall be made, in bond or mortgage; the sufficiency of the security to be judged of by the Governor, and the time of repayment to the State to be likewise stipulated by his Excellency; Provided, that no interest shall be charged on the sum or sums so advanced. SEC. III. Repeals conflicting laws. Approval Date: Assented to December 16, 1861.