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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

December 15, 1860

Georgia Legislator Omitted July 4 as a Holiday

The Daily Federal Union from Milledgeville reported on a pro-Union demonstration in Philadelphia, attended by thousands (according to the report), which called for adherence of the Northern states to the Constitution. - referring to some states not abiding by the Fugitive Slave Law:

…The grand Union meeting, heretofore announced, assembled at noon, in Independence Square. … Resolutions were read and adopted, proclaiming attachment and reverence for the Constitution, and earnest enduring love for the Union - love, not sectional, but national - deeply deploring that some of the States have placed upon their statute books enactments to evade or defeat the provisions of the Constitution… we must restore harmony of public sentiment - we must go back to the old stand-point. Misplaced appeals from the pulpits and presses must be frowned upon. We must preserve the Union at all hazards.

Meanwhile, a Georgia legislator exhibited a more subtle, yet quite clear, manner of expressing his feelings toward the Union:

…The bill submitted by Mr. Simonton, from the Committee on the Judiciary, in the House of Representatives yesterday, providing for the observance of holidays by the Banks of the State, names the days to be regarded in this manner: 28th June, Good Friday, 1st January, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and all fast days declared by the Governor, and by all municipal bodies. The 4th of July is left out of the catalogue of holidays.