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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

December 11, 1863

General Assembly Considered Georgia Navy

The Georgia General Assembly adopted a resolution instructing their Committee on the State of the Republic to consider establishing a Volunteer Navy in Georgia to serve for the Confederacy.

Full Title: Resolution in reference to a Volunteer Navy. Resolved by the General Assembly of Georgia, That the Committee on the State of of the Republic, are hereby instructed to consider what action it may be prudent and proper for the authorities of Georgia to take, for the encouragement of the organization of a Volunteer Navy, for the service of the Confederacy, and to increase the number of vessels and seamen engaged in the Naval service; and to report by bill or otherwise, as early as practicable upon the subject. [Sidenote: As to a volunteer navy.] Approval Date: Assented to Dec. 11, 1863.