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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

December 07, 1861

Editorial Called Yankees Untrustworthy Back to Revolution

The Richmond Times Dispatch of Virginia mentioned Georgia and other Southern States in a story entitled “The Truth of History.” It pointed out how the South had aided the North during the Revolutionary War, with little reciprocation when the South needed help. The story was making the point of the untrustworthiness of “Yankees.” The portion mentioning Georgia is reproduced below; the full article can be read in the preceding link.

…Virginia, especially, was always highly favored by the Crown, and her people complained of no oppression. She took up arms in a cause which was not hers; so did North Carolina, so did South Carolina, so did Georgia, and so did Maryland. These States had felt none of the grievances of which the Yankees complained. They were well satisfied with their condition; but they determined to stand by the Yankees in their struggle with the vast power and unbounded resources of Great Britain, come of it what might. …