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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

December 03, 1862

Newspaper Report on Murder of Georgia Soldier

The Richmond Times Dispatch reprinted (from an Atlanta newspaper) an item on the murder (from the Confederate view) or execution (from the Union view) of a Georgia soldier.

Savage murder of a Georgia soldier. –Absalom Spencer, of the 1st Georgia regiment, who was left sick at Murfreesboro’, Tenn., after the fight there, went to stay at the house of a Mr Brown, near here, which is in a “Union” neighborhood. The Atlanta Confederacy says: As had been anticipated, it was not long before the alarm was given in the neighborhood. He endeavored to escape, but was overtaken at a fence which he was trying to get over, and carried back to the house. A pistol was presented at Mrs. Brown, with demands and threats, which she answered by stating that the man they had taken was a sick stranger that had been stopping at her house. The soldier then stated that the was a Confederate soldier, naming his company and regiment, and demanding the treatment of a prisoner of war. At the suggestion of a well known citizen, Mr. Israel Hill the soldier was carried by the scouts to the headquarters of Col. Stewart: “Don’t bring any more d __ d rebel bushwhackers to me, but shoot them down.” He then ordered the prisoner to be tied between two stumps, and for eighteen men to fire at him. The first volley missed him, on which - a brutal Dutchman ran up, and with the muzzle of his gun within, a few feet of Spencer, shot him through the stomach. He died that night, and was decently buried next day by the citizens. He told Mrs. Hill, at whose house he died, that he lived in Coweta county Ga., and that he was nephew of Bishop Andrew–that he had two brothers, one living in Tennessee and the other in Tuscaloosa, Ala. He said he was an eider in the Methodist Episcopal Church.