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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

November 26, 1863

Atlanta Thieves Treated Harshly

The Richmond Times Dispatch printed an item on the treatment given two thieves caught in the act in Atlanta.

The way they Treat thieves in Atlanta. –The people of Atlanta, Georgia, are evidently getting tired of the usual legal treatment of thieves. On Friday last two hotel thieves were captured at the Trout House rummaging in a gentleman’s trunk. The crowd got hold of them with the following result: Their appearance as they marched through the streets was startling. To one who had never see the like before, It was the source of emotions of disgust mingled with a grotesque mirth at variance with the former sentiments of our heart.–What miserable looking wretches they were, to be sure! Tarred from head to foot, and ornamented with bolls of cotton instead of feathers, and heads shaved as clean as an intent’s! There was a drum and fife in front, which gave the affair an idea of a military execution, and a crowd of men and boys, hooting and jarring, increased as every street corner poured its fresh current into the swelling stream.