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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

November 25, 1863

Battle of Missionary Ridge

The culmination of the Battle of Chattanooga occurred on this day with the Battle of Missionary Ridge. This was where the strength of the remaining Confederate forces was entrenched. But Union forces under General William T. Sherman attacked the Confederate right, commanded by native Georgian William J. Hardee. Union forces under General George H. Thomas attacked the Confederate center later, and the same troops who had taken Lookout Mountain the previous day were marching in from the left, although they were delayed. Despite intensive fighting and the Confederates again holding the high ground, the Union forces were able to push the depleted Confederate forces from their stronghold and send them retreating well back into Georgia. The total casualties from the three day Battle of Chattanooga were: Union 5824 and Confederate 6667 - killed, wounded or missing. This represented approximately 10% of the total Confederate forces.

Image of Battle of Missionary Ridge Missionary Ridge
National Archives
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Image of Battle of Missionary Ridge Battle Map of Chattanooga
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