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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

November 23, 1860

Report on Secession Meeting in Athens

The Milledgeville Daily Federal Union reported on the Act passed by the General Assembly authorizing the Governor to call a secession convention. In the same issue it was reported on a public meeting which had taken place in Athens for citizens from Clarke, Oglethorpe, Madison, Jackson, and Banks Counties. The meeting was led by former Georgia governor Wilson Lumpkin; a committee was formed to listen to citizens’ concerns. After hearing all the concerns, a report was adopted; it’s introduction left no doubt how the citizens of Athens and surrounding counties felt:

The election of Lincoln and Hamlin to the Presidency and Vice-Presidency of these United States has brought on a crisis in the Southern States which demand their firm, united and determined action. To be controlled by a party strictly sectional, and whose principles and legislation are hostile to our interests, our rights and our safety is not to be tolerated. A Union so destitute of fraternity and good fellowship, as ours has now become, is not worth preserving… Resolved. That in our opinion the Convention when assembled having determined the course of action proper to be taken by the Sovereign State of Georgia should earnestly invite the co-operation of our sister Southern States to unite with us in forming a Confederation on the basis of our present Constitution. …