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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

November 16, 1863

General Assembly Requested Aid from Confederate Congress

The Georgia General Assembly passed a resolution requesting action by the Confederate Congress for the relief of indigent soldiers’ families.

Full Title: A Resolution requesting the action of Congress for the relief of indigent soldiers’ families. WHEREAS, Many families have been left destitute of the means of support, by the absence of the male laboring portion of said families, in the army of the Confederate States; Therefore, Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Georgia, That our Senators and Representatives in Congress, be requested, to take such measures, as will cause the collectors of the “tax in kind” for the Confederate Government, to release to the Justices of Inferior Courts of the counties of this State, upon their application, so much of the said “tax in kind” of the county in which the Justices making the application reside, as will in their, the said Justices opinion, be necessary for the support of the destitute or indigent soldiers families of their county. [Sidenote: Members in Congress from Ga. requested to have the families of soldiers relieved from the “tax in kind.”] Approval Date: Approved Nov. 16, 1863.