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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

November 12, 1862

Solution for Salt Shortage Suggested

The Southern Banner of Athens printed an item from Towns County indicating the shortage of salt statewide, and what they were willing to do if they could get some.

Presentments of the Grand Jury of Towns County. We the Grand Jurors, sworn, chosen, and selected, for the Oct. Term, 1862, for the county of Towns, beg leave to make the following general presentiments: … We respectfully recommend that the Legislature of Georgia, appropriate a sufficient amount of money from the State Treasury, to establish salt works in the most convenient places, and have a sufficient supply of salt made for the State of Georgia. We would request that the works be commenced immediately after the adjournment of the Legislature, so that they may be in full operation by Spring. If the State of Georgia will furnish us with salt for a reasonable price, we can raise every other necessary of life, and fight Abraham Lincoln for the next fifty years to come…