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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

November 07, 1864

Report on Georgia Exaggerated Union Supply Problem

The Richmond Times Dispatch printed a report on the situation in Georgia; things were not nearly so bad for Union supplies as this piece suggests. Plus, they were about to embark on a mission to get more - in a manner most disagreeable to the Georgia citizens in their path.

From Georgia. The Yankee corps in Atlanta is still harassed by our forces, but is said to have twenty days supplies, if they put up with half rations. Two hundred wagons, loaded with commissary stores, got in to them safely last week, while our cavalry was scouting in another direction. They came over a country road. On the 22d our cavalry struck the railroad between Marietta and Vining’s station, tore up several miles of the track, and captured a large train loaded with ammunition and rifles, which they destroyed; also, picked up a lieutenant-colonel, a major, forty-two Yankees and fifty head of fine beef cattle. The enemy, have contracted their occupation to the inner lines of the fortifications in Atlanta.–They occupy the hill on which the City Hall stands, having strongly posted entrenchments about it. They have destroyed all the frame houses, stables, etc., in the city and used the material for fuel and to secure a clear range. The female seminary was razed to the ground, and the material used in strengthening their forts, barracks and posts. They forage in the neighboring counties with entire divisions for escorts; but lately they have found but little subsistence, and have become very much alarmed for their prospect of supplies. Their source of supply by the railroad is completely cut off. Our cavalry destroy the railroad as rapidly as the enemy repair it. There are eight hundred Yankees in Marietta, which post is not so strongly fortified but that a rapid movement on it, with a superior force, would easily secure its capture. The garrison there is on very short allowance of rations, and it cannot subsist off the vicinity. All the frame buildings have been destroyed for fuel.