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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

November 06, 1863

Exciting Cavalry Encounter Recalled, with Future Famous Officer

A Georgia soldier in Virginia wrote to his father, telling him of an exciting encounter with some Yankees - including a man would become very famous years later.

“…We are still at this place to guard the tearing up and running of the Rail Road iron on the other side of the river. Day before yesterday the enemy with 10 Regts of Cavalry & 3 Batteries (4 pieces each) of Artillery drove us across the river. We contested every inch of ground though giving the working party time to escape with waggons, tools, & c. If they had been brave and acted as our Brigade would have done that is just charged right down upon us there would have been no more ‘Cobb Legion Cavry’ to the end of this war. They were afraid to do it though they knew ours was the regt they had to continue against. It was high tide when our men reached the river and all had to swim their horses over. It was very exciting & the suspense very painful as we expected the yankees would charge down and open on us in the act of crossing. But we got over safe every man & dismounting very quickly our men were all in the rifle pits guarding the fords & the horses hid before the head of their column made its appearance. Yankee Brig Genl Custer was in advance & as he came in long range of our guns our men opened up on them so warmly that he galloped back and told the citizens he ‘did not know we had infantry over here.” They took good care not to come within range again…” Source: T.H. Galloway (ed.), Dear Old Roswell: Civil War Letters of the King Family of Roswell, Georgia (Mercer University Press, Macon, Georgia, 2003), pp. 44-45