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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

November 05, 1861

Union Fleet Reported off Georgia Coast

The Richmond Times Dispatch had an article reporting that a Union fleet was off of the Georgia coast.

The naval expedition - Disasters during the Gals - the fleet off the Georgia coast. It seems to be the fate of the Federals, whenever they set out on a grand expedition, by land or sea, to meet with some disastrous reverse, and it is not uncommon to hear our read people say that in this the hand of Providence is plainly visible. A fierce storm obstructed the passage southward of the grand Armada, on Saturday last, and the telegraph informs us of wrecked and beached steamers different points on the coast. A considerable number of prisoners have fallen into our hands, and at some future day we may hear of the loss of life and a great destruction of federal property. The purpose and destruction of this fleet (what is left on hand now a subject of engrossing interest, as the enemy appears to have paused in his operations elsewhere to await his result. In this respect there is a prospect that public curiosity will soon be gratified. It was some weeks ago currently reported that a demonstration upon the Georgia post was in contemplation, and we now have intelligence that twenty-three vessels were visible yesterday from Tybee Island, Ga., drawn up in line of battle off Port Royal. It is stated, upon authority in which we have the fullest confidence, that the numerical strength of the expedition has been much overrated, and that the forces consist of but fifteen regiments of infantry, one light battery, and a thousand negroes, the latter being designed for the rough service incidental to a landing. We rely upon the Valer of Southern hearts, and the strength of Southern arms, to repel the invader, and look with encouraged hope to a victorious result, which seems to have been foreshadowed by the hand which directs the storm.