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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

October 18, 1864

Richmond Newspaper Printed Inaccurate Assessment of Georgia Situation

The Richmond Times Dispatch printed the following overly optimistic look at the situation in Georgia.

From Georgia. The news from Georgia is cheering.–Hood’s success so far has been complete. Sherman’s communications are altogether destroyed. They are said to have no stock to haul commissaries or artillery, and no railroad. Sherman is beyond the Chattahoochee, cut off from his main army. Thomas is in command at Atlanta, and, it is said, has only one corps. There are no cavalry at Atlanta whatever. Our pickets are within a mile of Atlanta, and capture or shoot every Yankee who shows his head. The evacuation of Atlanta by Sherman is confidently expected.

Sherman would evacuate Atlanta in a few weeks, but not to retreat and not because of the actions of the Confederate army.