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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

October 17, 1861

Augusta Article Argued Blockade was Having Little Effect

The Daily Constitutionalist of Augusta printed an observation which they believed was proof that the blockade was having little effect. Note how Lincoln was refereed to as Abraham I.

A Pleasing Scene. The aspect which our beautiful road street presented yesterday, was anything but what might be expected in these war times. About fifty country wagons were visible at one time, together with a large number and variety of other vehicles, while the sidewalks presented a goodly crowd of pedestrians. If Abraham I could have passed over our city in a balloon at the moment, and looked down upon the lively scene we think he would have come to the sudden conclusion that his war has not “hurt” Augusta much. With life, a little cotton trade, and a liberal encouragement of useful home manufactures, Lincoln ‘s blockade will be totally inefficient, so far as this part of the habitable globe is concerned. So mote it be.