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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

September 22, 1864

Richmond Newspaper Printed Letter from Eyewitness in Georgia

The Richmond Times Dispatch printed a letter from someone who had observed the Confederate army in Georgia, at Lovejoy’s Station.

From Georgia. –A letter from Lovejoy’s station, dated the 16th instant, gives the latest intelligence from Georgia as follows: ‘The court of inquiry in relation to the loss of stores at Atlanta has been concluded. There are rumors in camp of several important official changes, transfers, etc., of too visionary a nature to be made the subject of newspaper gossip. Major Eustis is temporarily acting chief of staff of this army. ‘A number of ladies arrived at headquarters, applicants for permits to go through the lines. The inspector general’s office is besieged daily with citizen visitors; and the acknowledged patience and good temper of that energetic official are sorely tried by a thousand and one importunities for personal favors from a thousand and one of the most impracticable and unreasonable sort of people. The flag-of-truce letters sent forward under the auspices of Major Clair, Confederate truce officer, have been permitted to pass Also, a low telegraphic dispatches have been permitted over the Federal wires to Nashville, and replies received within twelve hours. An exchange of prisoners, two thousand on each side, has been effected between our Commissioner of Exchange, Colonel C. A. Henry, and Colonel Warner, of Sherman’s army. After the necessary preliminaries, the two thousand Federal prisoners will be brought forward, and an equal number of Confederates from the other side, for exchange. General Hood appears to be in as cheerful a flow of spirits as his brave and patriotic veterans. I saw him to-day surrounded by a group of major-generals and brigadier, in social converse, under an oak tree. Where the next campaign will be is scarcely even discussed. At present, there are no evidences of a movement. But I have reason to predict that before many moons have waned, the Federate will hear of Hood and his army through quits a novel and unexpected channel.