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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

September 06, 1861

Augusta Newspaper Called for Donation of Blankets

The Daily Constitutionalist of Augusta published a call for donations of blankets to help soldiers get through the coming winter.

Blankets for Our Soldiers. Winter is approaching with steady step, and soon its keen blasts and biting frosts will be upon our gallant troops in Virginia . How are they provided to meet its rigors? Richmond county has responded most nobly to our country’s call, in sending troops to the field. She is, probably, the banner county of Georgia, in her patriotic response. But the whole duty of our county was not discharged by simply sending forth her gallant soldiers to meet the enemy. And to the honor of our citizens, who have been compelled to remain at home, be it said, they have not forgotten those soldiers who are enduring the hardships and privations of camp life; but have continuously looked after them, and contributed liberally for their comfort, in sickness and suffering. The Hospital Relief Association, incorporated at Augusta, will be a standing monument of the considerate forethought of one of her prominent citizens, and of the active, practical benevolence of this community. One more appeal to our citizens is made necessary. We are sure it need only be made to be successful. OUR TROOPS WILL WANT BLANKETS. They cannot be supplied by the Government in time for the need of them. We suggest, therefore, that our citizens make donations to the Ladies’ Relief Association of all the blankets they can spare from the use of their own families. The humblest house can, perhaps, spare one blanket, while those living in comfort and affluence can spare many. Let each married man ask his wife how many she can spare, and leave the number to her decision. We are ever willing to trust the measure of liberality and of self-denial to the warm heart of woman. One word to the bachelors who are snug and comfortable, and to others who are not keeping house. They, too, can contribute to this cause. They can do so directly by sending in blankets, or sending in an equivalent in money. A thousand blankets can be furnished by Richmond county, for the comfort of its soldiers in the field, without a man, woman, or child, at home being compelled to sleep less warmly during the bitterest nights of the coming winter. We suggest that next Monday and Tuesday mornings a committee of ladies be at the Masonic Hall, from 10 to 1 o’clock, to receive donations of blankets.