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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

September 05, 1861

Item Published Showing Blockade Effect

The Daily Constitutionalist of Augusta published an item which showed evidence that the blockade was already having an effect, causing paper shortages.

Reduced. We, this morning, present our readers with a sheet reduced in size. In doing so, we deem it proper to state some of the reasons that have led us to make the change-a change that will benefit both subscribers and advertisers. In the first place, paper has advanced in price during the past few months, more than twenty per cent., with an upward tendency; the same is the case with ink, oils, &c. The money saved in cost of paper will enable us to give somewhat more reading matter than formerly; and the favors of our advertising friends will appear to better advantage, as our columns will be freed from the numerous advertisements which have been kept in merely to fill up. It was with much reluctance that we, some two months ago, advanced the subscription of the Daily to eight dollars per annum; an imperative necessity required it, however, notwithstanding our list was daily augmenting; and we earnestly hope that the day is not far distant, when, with the return of business, we may be enabled to reduce the price to our former rates, and thus place the paper within the reach of a greater number of readers.