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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

August 31, 1864

Diary Entry Claimed Stealing Would Prolong Hard Feelings

William King of Cobb County again complained to his diary about the wanton foraging and stealing, knowing it would keep alive the embittered feelings and prolong the war.

“…A poor family Mrs. Rogers &c. [torn] about 7 miles from here and about 7 miles West of Vinings Station [torn] she gave me a terrible account of the sufferings of the families in her neighborhood from the Federal Foraging parties who are constantly coming among them, taking every little thing could find, and very often what was not wanted by them would be destroyed, that the day before yesterday a party of 7 were in the neighborhood but not more than 2 miles to her House, insulting the Women & taking & destroying every thing they could find, tearing up Bed & family Clothing, throughing away provisions & Butter Milk which they could not take away. Soon after a party of our men came upon them & took the whole party & took them off, & she heard from their neighbors that as our men were seen afterwards with the horses & no prisoners they thought the 7 poor wretches had been killed. She told me that the Yankees has burnt her Uncles (D. Daniels) dwelling House. These foraging parties commit many wanton & cruel depredations, keeping alive those bad feelings which will perpetuate this sad war. …” Source: Diary of William King; Cobb County, Georgia, 1864