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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

August 25, 1863

Georgia Mentioned in Article on Military Situation at Chattanooga

The Richmond Times Dispatch reported (optimistically) on the military situation in Chattanooga, mentioning Georgia in the article.

The military situation of Chattanooga. –Military men, fully acquainted with the location and surroundings of Chattanooga, have pronounced that point the strongest in the Confederate States. General Floyd, while passing through that city on his retreat from Middle Tennessee in 1862, is reported to have said that 10,000 men could hold the country from Bridgeport to Chattanooga against 80,000. Similar opinions have been expressed by the most experienced engineers in the army. This is at present Gen. Bragg’s line of defence. His base is supported by the rich and grain-growing States of Alabama and Georgia; the location is one of the healthiest on the Western continent; his commissariat is said to be ample; he has an army of veteran soldiers and the assistance of the ablest Generals in the Confederacy. His adversary, in order to attack him, must leave his base some 350 miles in his rear; cross, first, a plain of 150 miles, made desolate by the two contending armies in the early spring; then a succession of black-jack ridges, producing nothing but gooseberries and persimmons; then the Cumberland chain of mountains; then Wallen’s Ridge, an elevation encircling the whole district of East Tennessee, but not sufficiently near Chattanooga to be used advantageously by a besieging army; and then, in the last place, a broad and deep river presents itself as a barrier. Such being the “situation,” we have no fears from the army of Gen. Rosecrans.