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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

August 24, 1864

Diary Entry on Mosquitoes and Not Being Trusted

In the some things never change department, William King of Cobb County wrote of troublesome mosquitoes, although he had a unique reason for them being so bad this particular year. He also was unhappy about being mistrusted and unable to visit town.

“Mosquitoes were very troublesome last night, I have never known them so bad here before, as they have been this summer, the Yankee blood draws them. My guard came back early this morning, after laughing at him well about his fears, I asked what was the matter? He said he did not want to go to Dixie yet, and after assigning the cause stated for hurriedly leaving, which I told him was quite satisfactory. He told me that he heard that 70 or 80 of our men had fired on the pickets, & they had been driven in. I went over to Mrs. McC. & found them all better, & learnt from her & the pickets that only 4 of our men were seen who fired on the Pickets, & that a detatchment of 15 Cavalry had been sent in pursuit of them, but none could be found. The frequent appearance of scouts here will tend to restrict our liberties the more; and we are so suspected already, that I am inclined to get away as soon as possible, that I may get to a community where I am better known & where I can enjoy a greater amount of Liberty. I am still at liberty to go all over the country, but not to go into town, while the town is the only place about here I wish to visit. …” Source: Diary of William King; Cobb County, Georgia, 1864