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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

August 21, 1861

Pleas for Items to Comfort Sick Soldiers

The Daily Constitutionalist of Augusta published a plea from Virginia for items of comfort for sick Georgia soldiers.

To the People of Georgia . We cheerfully comply with the request to publish the following communication, and commend it to the attention of our readers: Staunton, Va., Aug. 13, 1861. The ladies of the Hospital Relief Association of this place have undertaken the work of collecting and distributing hospital supplies for the army of the Northwest. Staunton being at present a prominent military centre, and a starting point for supplies and reinforcements, it has been thought important to establish here at once, a depository for whatever is needed for the sick and wounded. There are already many of these among us and beyond us, and their number may at any time be largely increased. Our sick soldiers are suffering for the want of comforts, which we know their friends at a distance, and the benevolent generally, would be glad to furnish. Georgia has a representation of three regiments in the army beyond us to excite her interest in the work of providing for the sick and wounded. We therefore invite donations of such articles as old sheets, bed-ticks, hospital tents, or material for tents, (with a fly,) pillows, pillow-cases, blankets, socks, under clothing, rice, tea, white sugar, corn starch, grist, medicine, bandages, lint, flaxseed, arrowroot, brandy, wine, jellies, &c. Also, money to purchase materials, pay transportation expenses, and employ nurses when necessary. The ladies of the association engage to distribute with care whatever may be committed to their trust, so that there may be no danger of waste or misappropriation. Boxes, packages, or letters, may be sent to their agent, Rev. Wm. E. Baker, Staunton, Va.