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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

August 14, 1864

Sparse Church Attendance, Hope to See Family

William King of Cobb County wrote of another sparsely attended worship service, and how he hoped to see his family soon.

“Another Sabbath has come, how rapidly time is passing away & now how it rejoices my often depressed spirits to know that if we all live & I get permission, after 9 more Sabbaths shall have been numbered with the past, I will be in the enjoyment of the society of my family & friends, God grant that I may then find them all alive & well and if we can only then be in the enjoyment of the Blessings of Peace in our afflicted country. The day is very pleasant, but still I have to remain at Home. This morning my young friend Evans again called & spent an hour with me. At 10 o’clock the Chaplain Mr. Griffith had services, his congregation did not exceed 150 attending–his services were short not even an hour–his sermon a good one on the necessity of the Reformation of our natural lives & dependence for the atonement of Christ for Salvation. I was surprized to see the small number attending the services, the most of the men on the outskirts–how little do men think of their duties to God and of the condition of their souls on the final day of accountability. Death & the great exposure to death, tend it seems to render men more thoughtless. …” Source: Diary of William King; Cobb County, Georgia, 1864