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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

August 08, 1864

Diary Entry on Escape of Stoneman Raider

William King of Cobb County wrote in his diary of a story he was told of an escape of one of the Union raiders, and some Confederate scouts being in the area.

“After Breakfast my young friend Vickers left me to return to his command. Mr. Shepard called to see me this morning but I was out taking a short walk & did not see him. One of the officers [torn] Raid, gave an interesting account this morning of his adventures & escape. The last attack the straggling party had was 4 miles west of Guy Tavern, about 25 miles east of Roswell, they were overtaken & surprised & each one had to make the best way for themselves, only 2 of them were together, they abandoned their Horses & took to the woods, it was just before daylight. They consealed themselves in a thicket for some hours & slept, and being very hungry, they met a negro man working in a field, who went up to the House & provided some Bread and milk for them, and wanted to accompany them, but they told him he was better off where he was. While they were eating, a Negro woman came to them in the woods and told them scouts were at the House hunting for them, they being near the River (Chatt’e) ran down to the River & swam across & went on to Roswell; he informed me that our scouts often came within 2 miles of Roswell; this officer is well worn out, & his feet so sore he cannot put on shoes; a few more of them have come into Camp this morning. This afternoon I learnt that 3 Spies had been taken during the day in & about Marietta, 1 of them dressed in a Major’s uniform of the Federal Army, another in Sergeant’s uniform & the 3d. in Ladies’ dress. I could learn none of the particulars. The scouts from our Army are often seen about. …” Source: Diary of William King; Cobb County, Georgia, 1864