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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

August 05, 1864

Georgia Soldier Concerned about Home, Wished He was There

A Georgia soldier in Virginia wrote home to a friend, wondering what had happened in their town when the Yankees came through, and what he would do if he were there.

“…you said that the enemy was coming near you. I reckon you all have had the chance of seeing some wild Yankees by this time, but when they got to Gordon I don’t reckon there was as many persons went to see them as went to see the prisoners that passed through there on their way to Andersonville! … You must let me know what damage they have done to the country as they came through there. … I am afraid that it will be some time before our beautiful old flowery state will be relieved of them. But I hope ‘ere this comes to hand General Hood will have them to rout so that they will not be obliged to make a stand again in the state at least. I would like to be at home now just to kill one of them raiders who are going through our country. …” Source: Mills Lane (ed.), “Dear Mother: Don’t grieve about me. If I get killed, I’ll only be dead.”: Letters from Georgia Soldiers in the Civil War (Savannah: Beehive Press, 1990), p. 327.