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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

July 28, 1864

Battle of Ezra Church

The Battle of Ezra Church took place near Atlanta. The Union army was now in place along a rural road west of Atlanta that lead to Ezra Methodist Church. They advanced, just after noon, on ground that Confederate General John B. Hood had vowed could not be given up. Unfortunately for the Confederates, they had but three divisions to face the 15th, 16th, and 17th Corps of the Union army. In addition, command blunders for the Confederates resulted in their attacks were never being coordinated. Despite determined attempts against overwhelming numbers, the Confederates were forced to withdraw from the battlefield with heavy casualties - 3000 dead and wounded compared to less than 600 for Union troops. While Hood had been under intense pressure from the Confederate government in Richmond to produce a victory, it was becoming clear that he could not continue to engage the enemy with the types of losses he had suffered at the Battle of Ezra Church, Battle of Atlanta, and Battle of Peachtree Creek.

Image of Battle of Ezra Church Atlanta Area Battles, July 20-28, 1864
Ed Jackson
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