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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

July 23, 1863

Letter Told of Troubles Not Due to Fighting

A Georgia woman writing to a relative told of a brother and other family members in the service, and the troubles they had experienced, none of which had to do with fighting.

“…Brother Samuel went to a company near Servannah in a gun boat and staid there til he took the mesles and they sent him to Sarvannah to a hospittle and he staid there 3 or 4 weeks and then they sent him home and he is not able to do back yet. James went to Verginna near Fedricksburg and staid there til he tuck the cronic dierrear and was sent to Stanton hospittle and staid there about three weeks, then he was sent home and he is at home yet and I don’t think he ever will be able to do back. John first went to Madison Morgan and then to a camp near, named Griswould Wains, and from there to Servannah and from there to Charlston and from there back to Servannah and from there to Atlanta and from there to Kingston, Georgia and he is there yet. We got a letter from him last Tuesday. He has bin verry sick but he has got able to do duty again. …” Source: Hugh McKee (ed.), The McKee Letters 1859-1880. Second Edition. (Milledgeville, Boyd Publishing Company, 2001), p. 117.