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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

July 15, 1863

Truth about Gettysburg, Disdain for Yankees

By this time, the Richmond Times Dispatch had learned the truth about Gettysburg, but had disdain for the Yankee reaction to it.

“…It is a well known fact in the history of the human race, that those who are most subject to the extremity of terror in the presence of actual danger are precisely those who are most noisy most boastful, and most extravagant, when it has disappeared. We might give many illustrations of the fact from the pages of history as well as romance. But we conceive it unnecessary to look farther for an example than to the exhibition which the Yankees are now making of themselves, to the scandal of all men who hold the human species in any sort of regard, and the contempt of the civilized world. But one fort night ago all Yankeedom was trembling in the very agony of mortal terror, because their territory was invaded and they could not pluck up the spirit to meet the invader and try conclusions with him in the field of deadly strife. A spectacle so despicable as that presented by Yankeedom, we will venture to say, never yet presented itself to a contemptuous world.–Yet no sooner do they obtain a short respite from the fear of imminent danger than they give in to all the wild extravagance with which semi-barbarous nations are wont to express their gratitude for deliverance from what they perceive to be a peril of the most portentous magnitude. Had the last spark of life been crushed out of the prostrate Confederacy - had Meade presented the heads of Jeff. Davis and his Cabinet to Lincoln in a basket as the head of John the Baptist was presented of old to a tyrant not much more cruel, and far more respectable from his abilities, the rejoicing could hardly have been greater. Like the Chinese, to whom they have been more than once compared, the Yankees are but little more than full grown children in every thing but avarice and ferocity. …”