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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

July 04, 1864

Soldier Hoped Letter Would Get Out of Besieged Petersburg

A Georgia soldier in Virginia wrote home to his wife, hoping the letter would get to her from besieged Petersburg.

“…No doubt you ar every uneasy about me. All communication has been cut off two or more weeks and now my only chance is to send this by hand to where it can be mailed. I have been off duty nearly two weeks with diarrhea very bad, but I shall go to the front this evening, having got nearly well. I do hope and pray that you and the children are well. … Molly, this is 4th of July. I have not got any baked shoat nor turkey nor I haven’t got a kiss from my Molly, which would be worth more than all fine dinners. … Molly, if you was here it would be heart rending to see the ladies of Petersburg. The enemy have been shelling the city for several days. The woods and all the country is filled with women, from old gray haired mothers down to the infant, driven from their homes without a change of dressing, thousands of them in the wood, without any shelter or protection. …” Source: Ronald H. Moseley (ed.), The Stilwell Letters: A Georgian in Longstreet’s Corps. Army of Northern Virginia (Macon: Mercer University Press, 2002), pp. 271-272.