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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

June 22, 1864

Battle of Kolb’s Farm

The Atlanta Campaign resumed in earnest on this day, with the Battle of Kolb’s Farm. Union General William T. Sherman once again attempted to move his army in a flanking movement around the Confederate forces, but Confederate General John Bell Hood (noted for his aggressiveness) ordered his corps to attack two corps of Union troops attempting the flanking maneuver. The Union troops anticipated the move, dug in and were prepared for Hood’s attack. Hood’s forces were met with a hail of artillery and rifle fire, while tying to cross swampy terrain. By the time he called off the attack almost one thousand Confederate soldiers had either been killed, wounded, or captured, while the Union lost only 350 at the Battle of Kolb’s Farm.

Image of Battle of Kolb's Farm Historical Marker
Ed Jackson
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