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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

June 16, 1862

Yankees in St. Marys

The Richmond Times Dispatch published an item on Yankees marauding in St. Mary’s, Georgia.

The Yankees in Southern Georgia. –The Savannah News publishes an extract from a private letter dated Woodstock Mills, Georgia, June 2d, which says that some time since the Yankees made another raid at St. Mary’s, where they desecrated all the Churches, particularly the Catholic Church.–They stole the chalice and destroyed everything they could lay their hands on. When they were asked by a lady if they were not ashamed of themselves for such outrages, they answered that they were rebel churches. From the town they went to North River, a branch of the St. Mary’s, and stole ten thousand fact of lumber from the La Grange Mill. Since then they have visited the mill again and stole more lumber. The Federal have visited St. Mary’s three times since they evacuated it, and each time they carry off furniture or anything else they can lay their hands on. They allow the negroes to do as they please, and take anything they want. At St. Mary’s they destroyed a large number of Bibles belonging to the Bible Society, and scattered the leaves all over the place.