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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

June 10, 1861

Southern Patriotism High in Rome, Georgia

The Daily Constitutionalist of Augusta published a letter written on this date showing how Southern patriotism was high in Rome, Georgia.

Special Correspondence of the Constitutionalist. Rome, Floyd County, Ga.,} June 10, 1861.} … The military enthusiasm of our people is up to the highest pitch, and the great danger now is that there will not be enough able bodied men left behind for home protection. Many of our ladies, however, are learning to shoot, and they may be able to protect their brothers, husbands, and fathers, and perhaps sweet hearts, who have not, as yet “voluntarily,” made up their minds to set themselves up as targets for Yankee sharp-shooters to practice on. We have in our city a juvenile volunteer company, numbering some forty or fifty, composed of youths between the age of twelve and eighteen. - They are handsomely uniformed, and have been furnished with arms. Their worthy Captain, Veal, has in a very short time taught them all sorts of military steps and maneuvers, and clearly demonstrated that, in military matters at least, he is no calf, notwithstanding the affinity to that animal his name would imply. It is really a very handsome, well-drilled company, and reflects credit on our city as well as its gallant Captain. Companies of this sort, if formed in all our towns and cities, might become a strong arm of defence in sudden emergencies at home… . Etowah.