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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

June 09, 1864

Richmond Newspaper Reprinted Report on “Camp Georgia”

The Richmond Times Dispatch printed a report on “Camp Georgia,” where around two thousand of the Georgia troops in Virginia were camped.

Georgia Treasury notes. –This is the title bestowed upon the militia and civil officers called out by Gov. Brown, now in camp Georgia, near this city. The reason given for the title is, that as the Georgia reserves, under Maj. Gen. Cobb and Brig. Gens. Gartrell and Jackson, were called the “New Issue.” and they are under the immediate command of Gov. Brown and Gen. Wayne, they ought to be styled the Georgia Treasury Notes, as it is well known that Georgia Treasury notes are above par. We visited Camp Georgia yesterday evening, and found over 2,000 of the finest looking men we have ever seen. Among them are several Captains of the 48th Georgia. Colonel R. J. Wilson, of the Richmond county militia, went out as Captain of the Georgia Tigers, and lost his left arm in Virginia. He is now at Camp Georgia, prepared, with his right, to avenge the loss of his left arm. We saw many who have “done the country some service.” on the tented field, and who are minus a leg or arm, and, unfit for active service, had returned home. Gray-haired sires are there, too, to dispute with the for the possession of the Gate City. Gov. Brown may well feel proud of his “pets,” as they are derisively called by some. If brought into service they will cover themselves with immortal honors.–Appeal.