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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

May 27, 1861

Ladies in Augusta Aided War Effort

The Daily Constitutionalist of Augusta published two items on what the ladies of Augusta were doing to aid the war effort.

Working for the Volunteers. The ladies of Augusta, and no doubt throughout the State, are at all times ready to respond to such an appeal as was made by the Governor in his address of May 17th. We highly appreciate his Excellency’s most kind and liberal offer of a “golden cup with name, &c., engraved on it,” also the “honor of having any one of our names enrolled on a blank leaf of the book of the minutes of the Executive Department.” But we beg leave to say, that we no such incentives to induce us to labor for those gallant men who have gone forth, at the peril of their lives, in the defence of us and our homes; we ask no reward of merit; but we would like to see each and every man leave his home and State, armed and equipped, as Georgians should be. We are ready to do our part, and we hope his Excellency, the Governor, will do his; let him but furnish the materials for such clothing as our soldiers need, and they will be speedily and well made, and shipped as he may please to direct. Our time will be given “without money and without price.”
The Ladies. A Patriotic Movement. The ladies of Augusta and vicinity who are desirous of organising a society for the purpose of making up clothing for the volunteers, are requested to meet at the Masonic Hall at five o’clock this (Tuesday) afternoon. It is hoped that there will be a large attendance, and we feel satisfied, in the language of our cotemporary of the Evening Dispatch, of yesterday, that but a brief notice is required to induce the patriotic ladies of this city to come out on this occasion. The ministers of each denomination in the city are also invited to be present.