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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

May 21, 1863

Bushwhacker Executed

A Georgia soldier writing to his wife from Kentucky told her of what happened to a “bushwhacker” - one of a group of men plundering the countryside illegally, as opposed to the army doing it with permission.

“…I wrote to you a few days ago about a party of 300 men going out on a scout after the bushwhackers. They never taken but one. They brought him in one evening and shot him the next morning. I saw them shoot him. They shot five balls through him and went off and left him lying where they shot him. There is a man by the name Baty Tonker that has got 150 men lying in the mountain plundering and stealing everything they can. …” Source: Mills Lane (ed.),“Dear Mother: Don’t grieve about me. If I get killed, I’ll only be dead.”: Letters from Georgia Soldiers in the Civil War (Savannah: Beehive Press, 1990), p. 242.