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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

May 15, 1864

Soldier Wrote of Heavy Fighting in Virginia

Fighting was taking place in Virginia too, as noted in this letter from a Georgia soldier to his wife.

“…No doubt you have heard much about the battle which has been raging here for twelve days with more or less ferocity. I will not attempt to give you anything like a detail of the fight now. We left Camps on the 4th inst. and have been at it ever since and still see no end. … We have whipped the yankees badly, but our loss is heavy. … Never has such fighting been known before. They have locked bayonets time and again and fought with the buts of their guns. The fighting first commenced some distance from here, but Grant fell back down the river and we have been at it here for several days. We are behind good breastworks awaiting the attack, or rather the Brigade is, but we Sharpshooters are holding the front all the time. Night before last, I never lay down all night, or slept a wink except nodding a little. Last night I slept all night. Tonight is my time to be on again all night. We have a skirmish often sometimes while it is as dark as pitch…” Source: Jeffrey C. Lowe and Sam Hodges (eds.), Letters to Amanda: The Civil War Letters of Marion Hill Fitzpatrick, Army of Northern Virginia (Macon: Mercer University Press, 1998), pp.143-144.