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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

May 15, 1864

Diary Entry on Confederate Money and War Rumors

Julian Johnson Fisher recorded in her diary from Camden County on the virtual worthlessness of Confederate money, and the unhappy rumors she had heard concerning the war.

Another Sabbath. We almost dread them. They are such days of idleness and wickedness. Read letters from Ophelia and Julia. We are so anxious to hear from the North and wonder they do not write oftener. Everybody there seems flourishing. Here we are on the last squeeze– plenty of confederate money, but nothing to buy. Major Bailey intended leaving today for Savannah and would attend to our passports. A slow process–but it may be in time. Have been nearly sick the past week with my cold–when the weather is settled and warm, hope to be better of it. It is said that so cold a spring had never been known here. We still find fires and thick clothing comfortable. Had I a home how eager I would be to fly. I want to go North and have some enjoyment of life once more. I am there almost every night in my dreams, but the home is always lacking. If we go North, where shall we go? The future is very dark. Today I am trying to console myself that day must soon dawn. Everything is so dark. When we had our fill of comforts they were not appreciated. I did not make a right use of the blessings and now like an unprofitable servant I seem to be cast out as a cumberer of the ground. Source: Julia Johnson Fisher, 1814-1885 Diary, 1864